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I've Been Injured — What Are My Rights?

Our society has laws to protect the injured. If you were injured through a fall, a workplace injury, an accident, negligence, or misconduct you may be entitled to a legal remedy.

This remedy may take many forms. It may compensate you for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost opportunity, or more. But before trying to calculate a settlement, it is important to understand your rights and to develop a reasonable set of expectations.

First, it is critical to recognize that our legal system is complex. It may be negligence that caused a seemingly innocent "slip-and-fall"; a seemingly sinister plan may be fully protected by law; or perhaps your injury pertains to a newly discovered product defect or a "class action lawsuit" that is already underway. It is important that you learn of opportunities for remedy before taking action. It is therefore essential that you don't make statements or agreements related to your injury, either written or spoken, until you consult with an experienced attorney to consider your legal rights.

Brian Davis works hard for his clients. He develops a solid understanding of their circumstances, studies the medical and legal background, develops a strong case on your behalf, and follows through that case via negotiation or litigation in order to achieve a result that works for you.

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